Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Sculpture display for 'Bronze Age'

The famous sculptor Shri K S Radhakrishnan making a point. The Hon Minister for Education and culture,govt of Kerala making the inaugural speach.Shree Dethan and Shri Ajayakumar can be seen.
Bronzing Up
By Yentha
On Mar 17, 2010
The exhibition of bronze sculptures by Usha Ramachandran, aptly titled 'Bronze Age', was inaugurated today by Sri MA Baby, minister for education and culture. Usha, a prolific painter, forayed into the world of sculpture, inspired by the work of V.Satheesan, who is known for his sculpting prowess in various media. Under his expert tutelage, Usha experimented with terracota, fibreglass, etc, before making her mark in bronze. "Though I am not an expert in art, I am interested in its various representations like paintings and sculptures. An onlooker can interpret the art in different ways, and this is what makes it special. Kalasrishti oru vismayam aanu," the minister said in his address.
Usha is also the recipient of this year's Kerala Lalithakala Academy Award for her sculpture 'The Little Laundress', where a laundress is depicted washing clothes by beating it against a washing stone.
"Satheesan has made my dreams of sculpting come true," said Usha.
(MA Baby inaugurates 'Bronze Age')
Other dignitaries present were Sri S.Ajayakumar, Principal, College of Fine Arts, and eminent painter Sri B.D Dethan. This event also saw the presence of eminent sculptor, Sri K.S Radhakrishnan. This exhibition will conclude on March 20.
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